Pros And Cons Of Using Software And Advance Technology


Software is like magic which has really changes the life of almost all of the people on Earth. As we see that software is used in every sector in the world whether it is business, job, gaming, I.T. and much more. There are many advantages of using software and technologies that you will get to know later in the article.

If we talk about communicating or getting connected with friends then it can be done in seconds with the help of advance technologies. In the past years as we know the life was not so advance but in today’s time everyone is having smart-phones which is really beneficial.

Smart-phones are itself build with the software and in that there are tons of other software used to make the life of people out there easy. You can easily call to anyone you like in seconds which is really a good thing as there is no need to wait for the contact.

Likewise there are drawbacks too as the latest software or technology is making the people lazy because they are getting completely dependent on them. It is the one major con of the software and advance technology.

Some pros you should know

  1. Made life easy- It has really made the life of so many people easy out there because now almost any kind of activity can be done without stepping out of the house. Business owners can now come up with collaborative todo list. It is fast too which save tons of time that is why it is called as advance technology.
  2. Saves cost- There are different types of costs like transportation, hospitality and much more because now in order to send a letter you simply need to type it on your device. Nothing can beat the power of software which you need to keep in mind.
  3. Easy to use- No special skills or knowledge is required as you can simply use the software like usual and also in every software you will be going to find out tutorial videos. You can watch them and get some idea about how to use them.
  4. Mostly free- Majority times the software is free to download as you can use it without paying a single penny for it which is a good thing. Also on the other hand you can share it with your friends too with the help of technology.

Cons you should consider

  1. Depending on them- It has made most of the people to completely depend on the software rather than themselves which should not be like that. Advance technology and software is build for making life easy so you should use it wisely.
  2. Wrong use- Most of the people use it in a wrong way and it is especially happening among teenagers those who does not have much knowledge about the software and technology. You should always use it with a good intention.

In the above paragraphs pros and cons has been discussed which you need to keep in mind.

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