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Review Of Design And Interface Of Chromecast Ultra


Chromecast is a streaming device manufactured by Google, which streams online videos and movies on digital television.  It`s an adapter like a dongle plugged into the TV`s HDMI port, a cable that connects the USB port to the device.

Now that Google has enthralled the market with its updated Chromecast device known as Chromecast ultra, we take a sneak peek look into some of the aspects of the device.


In terms of design, not a drastic change has been observed. The Chromecast ultra comes with a more-less puck shape than we had seen in the previous year`s model. The device is also a very sleek, slim, and minimalistic streaming device on the planet.

In terms of colour range, a minor tweak in the colour of the Chromecast ultra is seen this time. Thee Ultra comes in only black and red colour, unlike the previous year`s device, introduced in the market eye-popping colours like coral and lemon colour. To the dismay, if you take it, the colour options in the present device are limited. Another major change observed in the design of the ultra device is the addition of the ethernet port to the charging cable that plugs in directly into the wall. If you have a router connection just right beside the Chromecast device, you will get an amazingly fast speed and movie stream. A wired connection renders astonishing speed for especially for live streams. Summing up the major changes in the design observed in the product.

  • A similar puck shape just like the last year`s Chromecast device
  • Additional Ethernet port to the cable
  • Just available in one single colour


The set-up process of the Chromecast ultra is simple and easy. All you have to do is plug in the ethernet cable and the cable outlet with the adapter. That starts with set-up. The process takes 5 minutes to finish, and the major part it goes is installing the Chromecast software from the google play store or IOS store. Also, some time is taken to download the latest firmware software into the device for protection against external threats.

When not streaming anything on the Chromecast, the device will get into a screensaver mode that displays various images from Google photos, Facebook, weather reports, and top news from various sources. But there isn’t any central hub in the chromcast that you can use to surf apps on the play store. On chrome cast, either you stream videos and movies online from your phone or display images of the phone. Summing up the new interface of the update Chromecast ultra:

  • The setup of the device is very quick and simple
  • You also need to install the Google Home app

If you have a wired connection, you connect with, or you can also connect with a wireless network. Next, you will come across a settings screen that would allow you to choose guest mode and wallpapers.

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