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A Glance Over Chromecast Review


Since the inception of this technological boom, streaming of videos and live content from online media is evolving fast. An example of such a scenario is the Chromecast device manufactured by Google, which lets the users stream live online content on their digital television on high definition quality. Which could be a good way to unwind while playing บาคาร่า online.

Google this year has hit the right chord with the launch of Chromecast Ultra. The new Chromecast from Google comes with the updated version of the device, which brings in some minute changes. There`s no denying that the Chromecast Ultra comes with some of the best systems for streaming videos for 4k TV owners. Let`s start with the Chromecast review.

The update

With the new streaming box in their hands, the owners would come across some new tricks up the sleeve of the device. The ultra-Chromecast model isn’t just there to stream 4k Playback and the HDR video, but it has also been given the ethernet port, and some of the improved components that make the videos run faster are less prone to a major slow down. These added scintillating features in the updated model make it premium in terms of streaming of media and make this version sophisticated with the others.


One of the new changes made in the Chromecast device this year is adding the ethernet port to the charging cable that can be plugged directly into the wall. It allows for a wired connection and a faster stream of the data.  Secondly, the Chromecast ultra comes up with black and red colours only and no vibrant colours, unlike the last year`s model like lemonade and coral colours. So you can say that in terms of colour you have limited option available.


Talking about the changed interface, the set-up process has been eased this time. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for the entire set to conclude how the device installs Chromecast software from the Google play store.  Also, the device takes some time to download the firmware.

Another aspect to look at in the interface section is that there isn’t any Google application hub on the Chromecast device, and you cannot search for applications using the device; instead, all you can do is stream the video directly from the tablet or phone on a bigger and larger screen.


Before we jump up to the Chromecast Ultra, which is worthy of a very excellent title, let us shed light on some major shortcomings of the device. The first shortcoming with the design is the lack of a remote. In contrast, the second drawback of the product is the Chromecast’s inability to pool the content on the tv screen, reflecting the lack of a standardized user interface on the TV.

The chrome cast ultra is perfect for tech-savvy addicts, who can certainly use their phone or tablet device to cast the video from their devices to a bigger screen. In addition, it gives them the option of watching movies and videos on a bigger screen.

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