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Cast And Watch Videos Via Chromecast


Chromecast by Google is a new and cheap way of streaming videos straight on the television screens from a computer or mobile phones. One can easily use Chromecast to stream content from Netflix, YouTube, and other video streaming sites on the TV. Not only that, any content from the browser and the computer’s hard drive can be played on the TV with the help of Chromecast. It is a reasonable HDMI dongle that helps in viewing videos on a bigger screen and is the best way of making the TV’s smart.

How does Chromecast work?

Many people don’t realise that it is not about sending video content to the HDMI dongle but about casting it using the Chromecast connection. For the Chromecast to work, one needs an HDMI input on the TV and a USB port. The next important thing needed is an Android or an IOS device with Google Home; you can also use your laptops for which you need the chrome book installed. Finally, to send the videos or cast them to the screen with Chromecast, one needs to connect both the devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

To understand Chromecast and get proper knowledge of it, here are a few things that can be done with Chromecast.

What can Chromecast do?

Without much of a stretch, one can use Chromecast to transfer content from Netflix, YouTube, and other video web-based destinations on the TV. Not just that, any substance from the program and the PC’s hard drive can be played on the TV with the assistance of Chromecast.

  • Use photo as wallpapers- When the Chromecast is idle, it turns your television screen into a photo album, displaying all the photos. If you want to use your photos, then all you have to do is download Google home and then select the backdrop settings. This way, you can use your photos from the phone, laptop, Facebook or Flickr and see them on the screen.
  • Compatible apps- All the apps like YouTube and Netflix that are compatible with Chromecast can view content. You can know and find more about the apps compatible with Chromecast by opening the Google Home app.
  • Mirroring- You can mirror your android device and your laptop desktop through Chromecast on the TV. This way, your whole screen becomes visible on the screen.
  • Power it with TV- The Chromecast can be powered through the USB port on the television.
  • Cast anywhere-. In case you are travelling or on vacation and are in no mood to miss your favourite episodes, then you can easily carry your Chromecast wherever you go.
  • Presentations- If you use Google slides for making presentations, then the presentation can be cast via Chromecast on the TV. If you use your phone to make a presentation, you can easily cast it on the television screen, making it much easier.
  • Play games- Chromecast makes playing games easy, there are several games compatible with Chromecast, and you can easily find them by visiting Google home.

Google Chromecast is a great device for those who are love browsing through Netflix and other streaming sites.

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