Chris Gayle- A universe Boss recovering from food poisoning in UAE


As the IPL fever is on heat and people from the different regions of the world are obsessed with it. The IPL is considered as one of the most significant leagues and festivals in India. The cricket players of the different countries participate in it. People have other players as their favorite, and they are so excited about their performance. But in this IPL, there are several players who are not participating in the game. The Chris Gayle, who basically belongs to the West Indies team, is the player of KING XI Punjab in the Indian premier league. He is also the one player who has not played even a single match in the IPL 2020.

  • A news report indicates that Gayle is suggesting from the stomach bug. He has been hospitalized in the United Arab Emirates. The team is currently at the bottom of the IPL team ranking as it is not able to perform well in the league. The Anil Kumble, the honorable coach has revealed that the team had been badly affected due to the involvement of the player due to upset stomach issues.
  • You might be not aware that Chris Gayle holds a record of most sixes in the Indian Premier League. The 41 year old man has been termed as the Universe Boss because of his unique style and stunning performance in the cricket. The cricket recently posted on his Instagram profile that “I can tell you this, I can never go down without a fight”.
  • There is no doubt in the fact that he is only a Universe boss, and no other player can take his spot in the game of cricket. In the recent match of Kings XI Punjab with Kolkata knight riders, Punjab rolled down to its sixth loss, which was a terrible achievement for them. But there are chances that the Gayle will indeed enter the match soon and give his best to raise the chart ranking of the team.
  • The cricketer has an all-time leading run-getter achievement in the T20 format for a long time period. If we talk about the IPL, then the Gayle has played almost 135 matches and scored 4484 runs in the entire time. This is really a significant achievement which indicates about the perfection of the player in the game. He has been considered as one of the most expensive players auctioned in the history of IPL because of his capabilities of performing in the game.
  • The IPL is one of the most successful tournaments in the history of cricket, which is conducted for more than a decade. When it was introduced, it did not get an ample space in the heart of fans. But as time changed, the modification in the format was made, people become highly obsessed to watch IPL. Every year the player auction is performed in which leading teams have to select the right player by participating in the bidding.

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